About Us

About Us

Hello dear costumer, We are one of the largest distributors of foreign books, journals and databases in Poland.We bring them from all over the world and take care of bringing them in time to you.

We have been developing our partnership with the Pearson Publishing House for many years, having satisfaction of our Customers in mind. Presently we are the sole distributor in 41 countries in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Nordic countries.
We are guided by the following values:

• Devotion – we make every effort to ensure that the work we do is full of passion and commitment;
• Honesty – we take care to perform honestly the tasks entrusted to us, to be reliable and to meet the deadlines;
• Respect – we respect our Customers and each other;

Our goals are:

• Providing and disseminating expertise,
• Looking for new and effective solutions for our Clients,
• Broadening the offer and continually updating it